Acceso Diego Rivera

The last few years have seen the arrival of a number of new ways to ease traffic congestion in Guanajuato. This, the latest of these important projects, provides rapid access to the downtown area right from the entrance to the city.

The Diego Rivera comes off the Glorieta Santa Fe, running up the hill past a well-known hotel until it converts into a fast four-lane highway. This new five-kilometer boulevard cuts right through a typical Guanajuato landscape of mountains and vegetation, passing on its way the famous Bufa and Hormiguero hills.

The boulevard leads to a large tunnel, a modern example of Guanajuato engineering made possible by the know-how gained down the mines and work of the local builders whose experience of infrastructure projects of this kind dates back to the Porfirio Díaz traffic tunnel, the first of its kind here, opened in 1908 in the Embajadoras district. Other works include diverting and paving of the Guanajuato river, the streets of Balauzarán and Miguel Hidalgo and various other tunnels opened towards the end of the twentieth century.

The Boulevard Diego Rivera leads out of the tunnel and offers a choice of directions: either up or down the Paseo de la Presa or up past the Escuela Normal.

Built in the twenty-first century, the Diego Rivera is testament to Guanajuato’s continuing vitality; that despite its stately, venerable image, the city continues to grow. This new boulevard has been equipped with lanes for automobiles, motorcycles and runners, as well as an open-air performance space for the Cervantes festival. Every evening, you can see dozens of sportspeople exercising, running or just out taking a stroll and enjoying the atmosphere.