Leading from the carretera panorámica all the way down to Plazuela del Baratillo is the Calle de la Alameda, which runs through the heart of the district of the same name.

Close to the start of the street, at the site it has occupied the site since 1971, is the University of Guanajuato’s Official High School, where young people from all over the state come to prepare themselves to study professions in various branches of the sciences, arts and humanities.

As you continue along the Alameda, you cross through a warren of streets and tunnels that seem to lead away into a maze, but in fact provide a wonderful opportunity to experience Guanajuato from innumberable different angles.

Through here, we can go on into Mazaguas, whose narrow streets lead into the Carcamanes alley or – at two separate points – we meet with the Ponciano Aguilar tunnel, which itself splits into two further tunnels, one leading back up to the Panorámica while the other runs under the Alameda, coming out just short of the Plaza del Baratillo. Each new winding path offers a magical view of the uniquely intricate Guanajuato cityscape.

This barrio also contains the Callejón del Buen Viaje and the church of the same name, which has been home some of the oldest and most venerated objects of worship in the cities for over two centuries.

The figure of the crucified Jesus, known as Our Lord of the Good Journey, arrived in Guanajuato in 1756. It was brought here from Spain by one Domingo Somoza, who had braved many dangers on the high seas in order to get to Mexico. According to tradition, it was thanks to the sculpture that Somoza made it safe and sound to the shores of New Spain, and so, the Spaniard ordered that a chapel be built here in Mexico to house the sacred image.

In 1873, parish priest Lucio Marmolejo consecrated the newly restored church in order to continue the cult of Our Lord of the Good Journey, whose annual feast day is the last Sunday in August. As part of this celebration, a foot race is held through the streets of the Alameda barrio.