Atalaya de la Presa de la Olla

The Atalaya, or watchtower rises serenely above one of the corners of the dam that marks off the reservoir that has served the city since the end of the eighteenth century.

The structure was built to keep a watch on the level of the water in the reservoir and especially the surrounding avenues. Now, however, it serves as the centerpiece of a number of events that locals hold over the course of the year.

Every June, spectators can enjoy the diving competitions that take place there during the feast day of Saint John and the La Olla festival. And it also forms part of theatrical presentations and musical events.

As well as a landmark, the tower brings its own picturesque touch to its surroundings every evening, when its interior illuminations light the way for visitors walking up the celebrated Paseo de la Presa.

The La Olla watchtower beckons to us, inviting us to sample the delights of this historic area of Guanajuato.