Barrio de Tepetapa

Between Guanajuato’s historic downtown area and the famous Mummies Museum is the barrio of Tepetapa, one of Guanajuato’s oldest areas.

You enter the barrio as soon as you come off the upper level of the bridge of the same name. The name “Tepetapa” comes from the Nahuatl language and means “little plain on the hilltop”. The area has been home to many of the city’s miners and store owners for centuries.

In the nineteenth century, dozens of the barrio’s houses were demolished to make way for a train station. However, the district has survived down to the present day. Visitors can take a stroll and enjoy the different views from the bridge and the streets below, such as Banqueta Alta, the climb up to Carrizo, and the old station road and, higher up, just before the city graveyard, is La Concha alley and the street known as Cerro de los Angelitos.

Few neighborhoods have such a rich flavor of Guanajuato as the Barrio de Tepetapa.