Calle Constancia

This alley behind the Templo de San Diego is the point of departure for the traditional “callejoneada” musical tours, that wind through most important alleyways of Guanajuato accompanied throughout by an estudiantina musical group and its train of followers.

Another interesting way to explore the alleys is during the daytime, starting off with the mazy Callejón de Constancia, where we are always pleasantly surprised as it splits into two further alleys with the picturesque names of Salto del Mono or “the Monkey’s Leap” and Callejón del Boliche – “The Bowling Alley”.

If we continue on along Salto de Mono, we come to the entrance to a small tunnel with a ceiling of wooden beams which leads us between the alleys to the Plazuela de San Cayetano, an lovely, colorful space with a green sandstone fountain in the neoclassical style.

This pleasant little square takes us to the Recreo and San Nicolás alleys, from where we can take Miguel Bustos to get to the Callejón de Barranca and from there head down to Alonso. Or you could carry on through the alleyways to the old Plaza de Gallos and the Callejón del Venado, which leads us past the tiny entrance to the famous Callejón del Beso.