Calle Puertecito

Located just below the start of the Pastita barrio, this street is home to the San Jerónimo Stadium, originally built to host baseball but now home to a wide variety of events. It was built on the site formerly occupied by the San Jerónimo Hacienda.

The Street slopes down towards the Calle Belauzarán. There is a very busy bus stop here. Several years ago, the ramps on either side of the street were fitted with metal railings to prevent pedestrians from stumbling off into the oncoming traffic.

There also used to be a footbridge here known as “The Spider”, whose fate is unknown. At one end of the street, opposite the bus stop, is a recently-built sandstone bridge connecting Puertecitos and the Embajadoras park.

The street once formed part of the route for the city’s old public streetcar service.