Calle Sangre de Cristo

The calle Sangre de Cristo leads up from Sóstenes Rocha towards the Embajadoras district. It is a narrow little street with its own special history. In years gone by, it was known as the Barrio de los Desterrados – the “barrio of the banished”. It was the point that marked the limits of a number of haciendas, namely, the San Miguel, San Pedro Apóstol, San Nicolás Obispo and the San Antonio. It was the favored spot of those hacienda owners with medium-sized mining properties within the city limits. Beginning in the eighteenth century, religious processions used to pass along the street on their way to the San Sebastián cemetery on what were then the outskirts of town.

Coming off this street is the long alleyway known as Temezcuitate, which runs all the way up to the Carretera Panorámica, coming out at Piletas, on the way to the City High School. This alley was originally used as a dump for debris from the mines. The other two alleys are the Peñaranda and the Espinazo, between which we find the street formerly known as Calle de los Desterrados. This crosses the old Guadlupe bridge, also known as the Desterrados, which has been here for more than two centuries spanning the Calle Belauzarán.