Calle de Sopeña

The street known as Sopeña is a small thoroughfare in the heart of the city running down from the Quixote Iconographic Museum to the Juarez theater. Short though it may be, it is the scene of many important chapters in Guanajuato history.

The street is named after Captain Juan de Sopeña y la Herrán, a prestigious mine owner.

Most of the residences in this Guanajuato artery were constructed in the nineteenth century and are notable for their neoclassical facades. The street is home to the original Guanajuato mint, which was bought by the selfsame Juan de Sopeña in the year 1714.

Later, the building became the property of the Royal Tobacco Factory, and so for a time was known as “the tobacconists”. Nowadays, the building is home to the State Internal Revenue and the University of Guanajuato’s own radio station.

A stroll along this street is one of the most delightful walks in Guanajuato, where you can admire the facades of the grand old houses, explore the wide variety of bars, cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy music of every kind, as well as a wealth of souvenir stores and galleries.

Number one on your list should be the Quixote Iconographic Museum, which also hosts temporary art exhibitions and concerts. Down the street is the Juarez Theater, one of the ten most beautiful theaters in the world: a feast of dazzling architecture.