Casa del Intendente Riaño

The house at number 6 on Calle del Campanero is a large mansion with a pink sandstone façade. It was once the home of Juan Antonio de Riaño y Bárcena who became governor of Guanajuato in 1792, the height of the mining boom. Riaño was military man with an interest in culture and progressive politics. He understood the times and worked to better the lives of the townspeople through works such as the Alhóndiga de Granaditas.

The house played host to gatherings of people eager to discuss the ideas on liberalism and liberty that were in the air at that time. One of the most frequent attendees at these gatherings was none other than Father Miguel Hidalgo, who was a personal friend of Riaño’s.

Riaño died in 1810. He was one of the first victims of the Mexican struggle for liberty. However, his memory lived on and was respected. His house is still here to remind us of the controversial figure who sought to make Guanajuato great.