Casa de Lucas Alamán

This house sits on what in the early city of Guanajuato has been the main square (Plaza Mayor), now known as Plaza de la Paz.  The house was built in 1734 and Vicente Alamán and his family inhabited it in 1791. Lucas Alamán was born there in 1792, who is considered to be the most prominent intellectual of Mexican Conservatism.

Lucas Alamán y Escalada was, mostly, a man who strived to get the economic and cultural progress of Mexico. A historian, politician and promoter of industrialization, Lucas Alamán perceived education of individuals as the basis for political and social equality. As a child, he witnessed the War of Independence in Guanajuato, as well as the difficulties imposed by looting and destruction. He made the clearest description of catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, whom he personally met at his father’s house. Among the many books and articles he wrote there are several documents of paramount relevance on the history of Mexico.

The house of Lucas Alamán, of sober elegance, has a beautiful inner yard, a traditionally common feature of the residences of that time. It served as the headquarters of Partido Acción Nacional (a political party) for the State Congress and it has been currently turned into a hotel

This famous house stands on what was originally the town of Guanajuato’s main square, now known as the Plaza de la Paz. Built in 1734, it became home to the family of Lucas Alamán in 1791. Then, in 1792, the house was birthplace to Lucas Alamán, the leading figure in the Mexican Conservative movement.

Lucas Alamán y Escalada, to give him his full name, is known principally for his efforts to bring economic and cultural progress to Mexico. Historian, politician and ardent proponent of industrialization, Lucas Alamán saw education as the key to political and social equality. As a child, Alamán witnessed the War of Independence in Guanajuato and the problems that looting and destruction brought. He also left us our most detailed description of Father Miguel Hidalgo, whom he met in person at his father’s house. Among the many books and articles he wrote are a number of documents of great historical importance.

The stately elegance of the Alamán house is set off by the beautiful central courtyard – a common feature of the buildings of the time. In its time, it has served as the headquarters of the National Action Party, the State Congress and is now a magnificent hotel.