Casa del Conde Rul y Valenciana

Dating from 1800, this house is considered to be one of the purest examples of the neoclassical style in Mexico.

Through its large windows the celebrated traveler and scientist Baron Alexander von Humboldt was able to observe the drive and magnificence of life in Guanajuato as well as sing the praises of the house that was his temporary residence during his time in the city.

The records of its construction have been lost, but its design has been attributed to the Celaya architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras. The façade is sober and elegant with a balcony running along its length. Inside is a beautifully proportioned pink sandstone courtyard. There is truly no other building that compares.

This mansion forms part of the magnificent colonial houses built in the city center. Its owner was one of the most important mine owners of the colonial period. The house of the Condes Rul y Valenciana is both a symbol and a memento of the opulence of Guanajuato under the rule of the Spanish Viceroy.