Cementerio de Marfil

Every November second, this cemetery plays host to hordes of visitors who flock to leave colorful offerings on the graves.

Part of the complex containing the churches of San José and the Purísima Concepción de Marfil, the cemetery is reached via the Calle de Hospitales. Many Guanajuato people are unaware of its existence, as the largest and most popular is the cemetery of Santa Paula, in the barrio of Tepetapa next to the famous Mummies Museum. Nevertheless, it is well worth seeking out.

It owes its existence to the terrible epidemics that ravaged the population during the nineteenth century. It is a compact graveyard with a number of interesting headstones and tombs.

It was built in the early 1800s, when the priest, Father José Ignacio Franco requested the construction of a cemetery for the Templo del Hospital, as bodies were simply being left out beside the church as the epidemic spread.

On top of this, this period also saw Guanajuato suffering the effects of the war of Independence against the Spaniards, as well as the diseases such as smallpox that decimated the local population.