Guanajuato greets the sun each morning as it rises over La Bufa, a rocky outcrop overlooking Guanajuato from the southeast.

Crowned with peaks that can be admired from countless points around the state capital, this silent witness to history has served as an inspiration to celebrated Guanajuato artists like Manuel Leal – who compared the crests of la Bufa to elegant sentinels armed with poetic tradition – and the painter Jesús Gallardo, who has immortalized its rocky outlines in a number of unforgettable canvases. La Bufa is, without doubt, one of the Guanajujato’s best-known landmarks.

Hidden among the Bufa’s craggy slopes is a cave dedicated to Saint Ignatius Loyola – the site of a famous legend about an enchanted princess and a shepherd

During the Viceregal era, the cave was enlarged to create room for more people. And, at midnight on July 31 of every year since 1624, the locals flock to the Hormiguero, the hill that sits below the Bufa’s rocky peaks, to celebrate a traditional fiesta that lasts long into the early hours.

As dawn is breaking, adventurous townsfolk and sportspeople of all ages scale the Bufa to its very summit.

The Cerro de la Bufa is an excellent spot for locals and visitors alike, who enjoy the challenge of the climb or want to sketch the outstanding view of the beautiful town of Guanajuato.