Cerro de las Ranas

The “Hill of the Frogs”: A famous song by Jesús Elizarraráz says that the land of his loves lies between hills and mountains and under a sky of blue. Other writers saw a city that seemed to have been built not by men but by condors. This is Guanajuato.

The town’s name comes from the Purepecha word “Quanaxhuato”, a combination of “guanay”, meaning frog, and “huata”, meaning hill, and so “Hill of the Frogs”.

It’s said that it earned its name from a pair of rocks that look like a pair of frogs. We can still see these formations by walking up through Pastita on the ramp leading up to the Panorámica known as La Sirena.

This is the reason why you can see references to frogs all over the city, such as the statues in the Plaza de las Ranas, the names of stores and in local handicrafts. And this hill is where you can find the age-old rock formation that gave the city its name.