Corral de la Comedia: El Teatro Principal

The modern Teatro Principal was inaugurated on September 16, 1955. However, the history of this building as a cultural stage goes back many before, to the eighteenth century, when Guanajuato was overflowing with wealth but had was lacking in entertainment. The city history had been here several centuries, but was still to open its own theater.

In 1788, two daring entrepreneurs took on the challenge of constructing a forum in only a few weeks. In April of the same year “Corral de la Comedia” opened its doors on Calle Cantarranas. However, in 1810, the War of Independence forced it to close. Then, from 1826 to 1836 the building underwent remodeling work. When President Benito Juárez declared Guanajuato capital of the Republic in 1858, he attended the theater on several occasions. Later, when his opponents, the conservative generals Miramón and Osollo took the city, they too went to Corral de la Comedia and even saw the same shows.