Cuartel de San Pedro

Today this space is occupied by a small shopping mall and parking lot. However, during the war of Mexican independence, it was site of the San Pedro Barracks, a sober, one-story building in the neoclassical style containing a courtyard, stables and storerooms.

In 1778, by Royal Decree, the Regiment of the Prince’s Dragoons was formed in Guanajuato to maintain the order and rule threatened by popular unrest following the expulsion of the Jesuits and the threat of an attack by the British.

These troops were the first to occupie the San Pedro barracks, which was partly constructed on a mining hacienda of the same name close to the house of the governor. Most of these dragoons joined the struggle for independence and gave their lives on the battlefield. Once Mexico was declared a sovereign nation, the militia was renamed the State Public Security Forces. Its legendary First Light Battalion won glory and honors in practically every war in defense of the nation throughout the nineteenth century.