Escuela Normal

In the year 1910, Doña Antonia del Moral, the rich heiress to the Valenciana mine, sponsored the construction of a grand building to house the Jesuit College.

Although it was a difficult time for such an undertaking – the Mexican Revolution began in November of that year – the building was completed just five years later in 1915. Sadly, however, its benefactor did not live to see it, as she had died three years previously.

The project – designed by engineer Salvador Madrazo – was an eclectic mixture of the architectural ideas of its time, but it is especially notable for the sober elegance of its pink sandstone façade.

Due to its wealth of classrooms, alongside a theater and a library, for the last half century, the building has been home to the state teacher training college: La Escuela Normal Oficial, and now educates the men and women who will go on to act as mentors to the children and young people of Guanajuato.