Estatua del Sóstenes Rocha.

Before you come to the La Olla reservoir, directly in frot of the Florencio Antillón park and across from the State Government building, stands the traffic circle with this monument at its center, with its mounted figure in bronze rising above a pink sandstone base.

The equestrian statue is dedicated to Divisional General Sóstenes Rocha, who was born in the nineteenth century at Guanajuato’s Marfil mine and went on to become one of President Benito Juarez’ bravest and most effective military leaders in the War of the Reform and during the French Intervention.

The monument, which celebrates the Capture of Tampico. Was designed by architect Vicente Urquiaga Rivas and made by sculptor Juan Leonardo Cordero. It was placed on this site in 1955, when it was unveiled by Governor José Aguilar y Maya.

A great example of the sculptor’s art, the monument is a landmark and an essential point of reference for taking our bearings on Guanajuato’s historic Paseo de la Presa avenue.