Glorieta de los Mineros.

As we move on into Guanajuato, following Noria Alta and the road up to Pozuelos, we come to a roundabout adorned by the bronze figures of two larger-than-life miners, stripped to the waist and working hard as one of them holds a chisel while the other raises a sledgehammer to strike it. The figures are the work of Tomás Chávez Morado.

These figures render deserved homage to the arduous work of generations of Guanajuato miners, thanks to whom, the city produced hundreds of tons of precious metals that circulated throughout the world, bringing international fame to the mine works at Real de Minas de Santa Fe de Guanajuato.

From here, we can either carry on into the city past Pastitos or head up to Pozuelos and from there drive up the Panorámica to the Pípila monument and observation point.

The Pípila is a must-see for locals and visitors alike. The area around the monument is amply provided with tourist guides and information points who are happy to orient tourists on their tour of the city’s historic sites.