Glorieta Santa Fe

The modern city of Guanajuato boasts a monumental point of entry at the meeting of the toll road from Silao and the highway to Juventino Rosas, which also takes you to San Miguel de Allende. Every day, this traffic circle is used by thousands of cars.

It is an imposing piece of urban design. At its center stands a figure that appears on the city crest: La Santa Fe, or Holy Faith, part of the splendid title granted to the city by King Carlos the first: “Muy Noble y Real Ciudad de Santa Fe y Real de Minas de Guanajuato”.

The full title of the figure at the center of the modern sculpture is La Santa Fe de Granada, which symbolizes the victory of the Spanish Catholic Monarchs over the muslims. It wears a blindfold to symbolize the fact that faith is blind. The statue, which was created in 1991 by architect and sculptor Ricardo Motilla, is seven meters tall and made of bronze.

The traffic circle was recently renovated with extensive gardening, painting and lighting work. Part of this included the installation of an imposing 3D sign spelling out the phrase “Guanajuato, Bienvenidos al destino cultural de México”: Welcome to Mexico’s Cultural Destination.