Glorieta UNESCO

This ornamental traffic circle sits at the intersection of the streets leading to the Pastitos and Cantador gardens and the Calle Subterránea as it passes under the famous Tepetapa bridge.

In 1988, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – or UNESCO – declared Guanajuato a World Heritage Site. For this reason, the roundabout carries the organization’s name, as it stands at the entrance to the city center, welcoming visitors.

Recently, a bronze sculpture was placed in its center. Six meters tall by four wide, the piece, titled “The Marine Fusilier”, is the work of sculptor Alejandro Velasco Mancera. It takes its inspiration from the cubist painting of the same name by Guanajuato-born muralist Diego Rivera.

It is worthwhile pausing at this site for a few moments to take in the gardens that ring the roundabout and enjoy the green areas around this old entrance to the city.