Había una Vez...

This is how many stories told by people to their children and, above all, to their grandchildren begin anywhere in the world. Well, few cities like Guanajuato have a series of stories, based upon historical facts, which turn oral tradition into a rich and varied tradition.

Since colonial times, people from Guanajuato have nourished their collection of stories that tell about love and heartbreak, and love triangles or stormy relations ending in tragedy; about mummies, ghosts, spirits, vampires, rebels and Realistas (Spanish kingdom loyalists); about gold, mines and treasures. A fusion among reality, fiction, and the supernatural. Streets, plazas, houses, alleys, mines and hills receive their names from the stories telling their origin.

One of the city main tourist attractions is oral tradition. No one can deny it. Guanajuato has sufficient stories of its own to be told. The place is adequate to go into the past and let your imagination fly. But be careful, legends may be actual events… if you walk along an alley at night and you see “la llorona” or any other soul in penitence, it may not be mere chance...

Thus begin so many of the tales told to children – and especially grandchildren – the world over, and few of the world’s cities have a store of legends like those of Guanajuato, a treasure trove of historical facts honed in the retelling into a rich and varied tradition.

Since colonial times, the people of Guanajuato have built up a collection    of stories that take in everything from love, heartbreak and stormy relationships to tales of mummies, ghosts, spirits and vampires, rebels and royalists, mines, gold and treasure. A fusion of reality, fiction and the supernatural. Practically ever street, square, alleyway and even house has a story attached; even the mines and the hills themselves have stories to explain how they got their names.

Guanajuato’s storytelling tradition is one of its greatest attractions. The city has a wealth of tales to tell, transporting you into the past with stories to make your imagination fly. But be on your guard: some say the legends are real! So you might just find yourself strolling down an alley one night and come across “La Llorona” or some other lost soul.