Jardín Reforma

On the site of what was once the corral next to the Belén monastery, it was decided to build a symmetrical with a sandstone fountain at its center. The garden, unveiled in 1861, was the work of the architect José Noriega, who later designed the Juárez Theater.

Adjoining the garden are the squares of San Fernando and San Roque. The layout of Jardín Reforma creates a classic Guanajuato walk, with steep alleyways, flowered balconies and aged trees spreading their generous shade.

A few years later, in 1875, Noriega, the square’s architect, added the ornamental arch at the entrance to the garden, together with a row of ionic columns. This was to signal the construction of a new public market; however, subsequently building began on the imposing structure that is now the nearby Hidalgo market.

And so, the Jardín Reforma – as it has been known since 1923 – remains intact, with its benches, shady trees, laughing children and the soothing sound of the water.