La Sierra de Santa Rosa

The road to Dolores Hidalgo takes us through the little towns of Puerto de Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa de Lima. These two settlements date back to the seventeenth century and were supported economically by the activity in the nearby mines. Three centuries ago, the Real de Santa Rosa mining administration reported having some twenty-eight mines in its jurisdiction.

The town has an interesting central square which is reached by passing between two of the buttresses of its church, dedicated to Saint Rose of Lima. The doorway to the church is an example of the primitive baroque style of the Guanajuato Mining District and the doors themselves have been there since the eighteenth century.

The church of Santa Rosa de Lima is the scene for one of Guanajuato’s most enduring traditions, celebrated every year in the month of October: The enactment of the War of the Tejocotero Indians. The performance was first held when the Emperor Maximilian passed through here on his way to Dolores Hidalgo to visit the birthplace of Mexican Independence.

This theater piece was performed for the Emperor with the aim of showing him the birth of the Independence movement and the capture of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas. From that time on, the play was performed yearly right up to the outbreak of the Revolution. The piece was rescusitated in 1934 and has been perfomed every year since then.