Las Estudiantinas

The groups of strolling musicians known as the estudiantinas are Spanish in origin. But which Latin American city can boast a more Spanish flavor than this Real de Minas de Santa Fe de Guanajuato? Made up of a mix of Guanajuato University students and professional musicians, their street tours, known as callejonadas have become one of the city’s great traditions.

Crowds of spectators, both local and visitors, from Mexico and beyond, gather in front of the church of San Diego and then set off with the musicians on a nocturnal tour through the narrow streets of Guanajuato.

The statue of El Tuno, a street musician, is a good reference point. When enough people have gathered, it’s time to set off with one of the estudiantinas, singing your way through the city, winding through the alleyways and contemplating the onset of a magical evening that will surely last long into the night. The echo of voices, guitars and mandolins through the streets played by the musicians with their colored ribbons and colonial court costumes is an unforgettable experience.

As you wander through the streets with your clay jug of wine, enveloped in the echoing melodies of the estudiantina, you’ll feel yourself being transported back to another, more romantic time.