Mineral de Santa Ana

Located five kilometers from the Valenciana mine and four from the Guadalupe mine, this village sits in the dip where three separate ravines intersect.

This is the site of La Soledad reservoir. To get there, you take the old mine road that leads up to the Mineral de la Luz and Sangre de Cristo.

Recently, restoration was carried out on its religious buildings, such as the church of Santa Ana and the Calvario chapel. During the rainy season, the overflow from the reservoir surrounds the village, creating an extraordinary landscape.

The Real de Santa Ana was one of the first foundations in the sixteenth century. Its principal building is the old Santa Ana parish church. This church is designed in the form of a Latin cross, with a cupola in its center. From the front, the bell tower can be seen. Although most of its structure is neoclassical, it has managed to conserve its baroque pulpit.

The Capilla del Calvario, or Calvary Chapel, goes back to the the eighteenth century and its main doorway has a sculpture depicting the scene on Calvary with its three crosses: Christ is in the center and the Virgin Mary at his feet alongside the image of a skull, while the thieves, Gestas and Dismas look on from the sides.

The church and chapel are ringed by the ruins of the mining haciendas that once dominated the area and the view of the village and reservoir is nothing short of spectuacular, making this spot a must see.