Museo de Mineralogía

Inside the University of Guanajuato School of Mining at the San Matías campus is the Eduardo Villaseñor Söhle Mineralogy Museum, recognized as the most important museum of its kind in Latin America. And naturally, Guanajuato, with its mines and rocky terrain is the ideal place for it. From out of the bowels of the earth, Guanajuato has forged a rich history of traditions and brought this wealth to the entire world.

Its extensive collection of over 22,000 minerals from every corner of the planet, but especially Mexico and Guanajuato itself, contains every variety of metal there is, but above all, the silver of Guanajuato.

The collection took shape at the start of the nineteenth century under the direction of mining engineer and university professor Ponciano Aguilar, who oversaw the collection and classification of a considerable collection of minerals. Over the years, his work has been taken up by many others, adding to and enriching Aguilar’s research.

Guanajuato’s mining past is protected and preserved for the future in the bright display cases with their mineral exhibits at the Mineralogy Museum, a source of local pride and international renown.