Museo del Pueblo

The Guanajuato Museo del Pueblo, or “Town Museum” is located at the start of Calle Positos arriving from the Plaza de la Paz via the Callejón del Estudiante.

One of a number of properties belonging to the Marquesses de Rayas, owners of the Real de Santa Fe mine, it was the area´s most prosperous mining operation and it name thus formed part of the oficial title of the City of Guanajuato.

The building has been dated to the year 1696. Thanks to the boom centered on the Mina de Rayas in the eighteenth century, the mine’s owner, Vicente Manuel de Sardantea y Legaspi was able to remodel the old family mansion and adapt it to the style of the period.

Inside the building we find one of the most interesting baroque interiors in the region in the form of the Marquess’ domestic chapel. The standstone portal is attributed to Felipe de Ureña, a prolific creator during the period.

During the twentieth century, the husband and wife artists José Chavez Morado and Olga Costa chose this building to house their personal collections of art from the pre-Hispanic, viceregal and modern periods.

In 1979, the building, together wth the works of art it contained, was opened to the public as a museum. Today, in addition to the important works of art on permanent display, there are exhibitions every three months, as well as concerts and conferences in its fascinating baroque chapel.