Museo Diego Rivera

At number 47 of the narrow street of Positos there is a building where, on December 8, 1886, Diego Rivera was born, who is considered to be the most important painter of the modern Mexican age and one of the main promoters of Mexican identity through the Mexican Wall Pitching after the 1910 Revolution.

Since 1975 this house was turned into a museum. The adjacent building was recently added to it in order to pinpoint its cultural structure. In addition to the elements that reproduce the furniture and environment of a house owned by a middle class family from the end of the nineteenth century in Guanajuato, the building holds and exhibits a, rich, varied and surprising permanent collection of Rivera’s work. There are some 100 pieces     that include oil paintings, water color paintings, drawings and lithographs that depict the different creative stages of Rivera. The museum also has some special areas for touring exhibitions. A whole art feast in our city.

At number 47 on the narrow street known as Positos is the house where, on December 8, 1886, Diego Rivera was born. Rivera is considered to be Mexico’s most important twentieth-century painter and was at the forefront of the attempt to forge a new Mexican identity after the 1910 revolution as part of the Mexican Muralist Movement.

In 1975, the house was converted into a museum. Recently, the house next door was also added in order to reinforce the cultural importance of the neighborhood. As well as reproducing the furniture and atmosphere of a nineteenth-century middle class house in Guanajuato, the building is host to an exhibition of rich, varied, and often surprising collection of Rivera’s work. The display includes some 100 pieces, with everything from watercolors to drawings to lithographs that show the various stages of Rivera’s creative development, as well as a number of special rooms for temporary exhibitions. A feast of Guanajuato art!