Noria Alta

Coming into Guanajuato from the district of Marfil or down the recently constru cted tunnel route, we come face to face with an imposing piece of engineering consisting of a large tower joined to three high stone arches that once formed part of an aqueduct.

These are the ruins of the former mining hacienda of Noria Alta, so named for the impressive structure of the waterwheel that still stands there today. The machinery was used to pump water from the river through the aqueduct to the great tanks used for rinsing the silver ore.

Today, the tower stands sentry at the center of a network of busy roads that lead either out of the city towards the district sports complex, University of Guanajuato campus and the Noria Alta residential area, or inward, up to Pozuelos or down past the Pastitos area and into the city center.

However, it’s worthwhile taking some time out to have a look and get a picture of this important vestige of Guanajuato’s mining tradition; a venerable witness to centuries of history.