Palacio Legislativo

During the first half of the twentieth century, this building of richly ornamented green sandstone was home Guanajuato’s Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. On the orders of President Porfirio Díaz, the building, along with a number of other important Guanajuato landmarks, was begun in 1903. Today it is home to the Chamber of State Deputies, while its main courtyard plays host to exhibitions by major artists.

Designed by the English architect Cecil Louis Long, the building was erected on the site of what was originally the Palace of the Marquis of San Clemente, built in 1753 b y Francisco Matías de Busto y Moya, first marquis of San Clemente. This was demolished in 1897 to make way for the building we see today.

On the upper floor is the chamber of the State Congress, where the legislators’ elegant wooden chairs are arrayed in a sweeping semi-oval formation, which means they have to face each other. At one end of the room stands the city crest of Santa Fe de Guanajuato against a background of elegant red velvet and perched on a green canopy is a finely carved Mexican eagle. It is also notable for its collection of portraits of the heroes of the Mexican revolution – one of the most complete and artistically important in Mexico.