Panteón Municipal

In 1853, the Guanajuato city council agreed to the construction of the municipal cemetery – or panteón – on the summit of Trozado hill. Then, in 1860, work was begun to extend the site. Such was the demand that it was in operation the following year, even though the work hadn’t fully finished.

The cemetery’s façade has a neoclassical doorway with a Roman arch flanked on both sides by a pair of pillars. The upper section of the arch has a frieze consisting of twelve sandstone skulls.

This was the site of the discovery of the famous “Mummies of Guanajuato”, which are now on display in the Museum nearby.

In the cemetery you can find, not only to the graves and tombs of great heroes, but also modest and sincere memorials to generations of ordinary Guanajuato people by their families.