Parque Florencio Antillón

The Pot Dam (Presa de la Olla) has an elegant park at the base of its old Wall. Park “Florencio Antillón” has been a pride of this city for more than a century. It is named after the army general who, when he acted as the Governor for the State, built Works that revived the Paseo de la Presa.

This beautiful park inhabited by eucalyptus trees, glossy privets and ash trees was inaugurated in 1875. In 1902 officially received the name of Florencio Antillón, to pay tribute to its builder.  It has symmetrical interior walk-ways bordered by ornamental plants, a circular fountain, ornamental water streams, an octagonal-shaped kiosk and, of course, benches, the perfect territory of lovers who look for the fresh shades of its trees.

Below the old dam of the La Olla Reservoir lies the Florencio Antillón park, one of the city’s proudest monuments for more than a century. The park is named after the army general who, as Governor of Guanajuato State was responsible for many of the works that beautify the Paseo de la Presa, the avenue that leads up to the reservoir.

This beautiful park graced by eucalyptus and ash trees and leafy privet bushes first opened in 1875. In 1902, it was officially named the Florencio Antillón park after the man who had it built. Its symmetrically laid out paths lined with ornamental plants and benches take you past a circular fountain and ornamental water features to an octagonal bandstand at its center – the perfect place for young lovers in search of cool shade.