Paseo Ashland

Next to the plaza in front of the old Train Station stands a tall obelisk. This marks the start of Paseo Ashland, an avenue where visitors can admire the vivid spectacle of an array Guanajuato’s multicolored houses.

This avenue leads us into the street of the same name, crossing over the road to Dolores Hidalgo and coming to a stop at the start of the Panorámica.

2011 saw the unveiling of a plaque on the obelisk commemorating the declaration of Guanajuato as sister city of Ashland, Oregon, in whose honor the avenue was renamed.

The sisterhood came about as a result of the continuous flow of students visiting Guanajuato towards the ends of the 1960s, leading to an exchange program between the University of Guanajuato and Southern Oregon University.

The affiliation between the two cities was made official in 1970 by the organization Sister Cities International, founded during the administration of President Eisenhower to establish collaboration between the world’s cities for reasons of history, tourism, culture and peace.