Paseo de Embajadoras

The avenue known as Paseo de Embajadoras was originally part of the San Agustín mining hacienda. It is the site of one the city’s most important markets. The hacienda marked the limit of Guanajuato in the year 1741. The area of the hacienda covered what is now the market and the nearby gardens.

Recently, the garden, with its statue titled La Libertad – or Liberty – by Jesús F. Contreras, has been remodled to deal with the greater amount of traffic and visitors that come with the twentieth-first century. The park now has broad paths that provide space for pedestrians and cyclists, for children to play or to take the dog for a walk. Along the avenue we find a bandstand and a monument dedicated to the National Flag flanked by the figures of a miner and a soldier.

The market we see today was built during the nineteen seventies. The city people come here to buy their groceries or to browse at the market that takes place here every Sunday.

Regarding the districts name, there are two different versions: The first is that it comes from the visits made by the young representatives of each town during the festivals marking the feast of San Juan and the opening of La Olla reservoir. During these visits, beautiful young women would plant trees here. The second version dates the name to the year 1903, when President Porfirio Díaz came here accompanied by a number of ambassadors from different countries and their wives.

This green area and its market right in the center of Guanajuato is an invitation to get to know more about the town, and from here we can head up to La Olla reservoir, the barrio of Pastita, just a few minutes from the park here, or head into the heart of the city down Calle Belauzarán.