Paseo de la Presa

This walk route is the natural consequence of several factors: the culverting of a portion of the stream, the widening of the city, the Works for improvement around Presa de la Olla and a new economic bonanza of local mining.

Wide, refreshing, and full of trees, Paseo de la Presa allowed the transit of horse-drawn carriages and then cars. Next to it the most elegant houses in the city were built. It reflects the splendor of the Porfirio Díaz administration through the architectural influence of European styles from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, like Art Nouveau, neo-gothic style, neoclassic style and several eclectic examples in every new residence.

Among others, the Lasalle College building is prominent together with the neo-gothic temple of La Asunción an the Lions House (headquarters of the Finance Ministry) La Casa de la Presa, a compelling example of Art Nouveau, the headquarters of a political party, known as the house of the witches, also built in a neo-gothic style and, of course, the eclectic building of the Jesuit College, the current Higher Teacher Training College and the first portrait of Guanajuato for those visitors coming from the new point of entry into the city.

This avenue is the natural consequence of a number of different factors: the paving over of a section of the town river, the grow of the town itself and the building work connected with the creation of the La Olla reservoir, and a new boom in the local mining industry.

Broad, cool and lined with trees, the Paseo de la Presa was wide enough to allow first carriages and then cars to run along it. Its design is a reflection of the opulence of the administration of President Porfirio Díaz, strongly influenced by the nineteenth and early twentieth century artistic trends such as Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic and Neoclassical and practically every house on the avenue provides an demonstration of this eclectic approach.

One outstanding example of this is the La Salle College, sited next to the Neo-Gothic church of the Assumption and the Casa de los Leones, (now headquarters to the State Finances Department). Others are the Casa de la Presa, a fascinating example of the Art Nouveau style, the Neo-Gothic Casa de las Brujas – or House of the Witches – now headquarters to a political party, and the eclectic Jesuit College, currently the state teacher training college and the first impression of Guanajuato for visitors coming in through the Boulevard Diego Rivera.