Pinacoteca del Templo de la Compañía

If you find yourself at the Templo de la Compañía, you have to visit its Pinacoteca, or art gallery. This is located in what was once the church sacristy. Its beautifully preserved collection consists of 170 works on subjects inspired by the Catholic faith, all painted between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and includes canvases by European and Mexican painters, such as Miguel Cabrera, Baltasar Echave Orio and José Ibarra, as well as an pieces such as an eighteenth century reliquary and the original scale model of the church cupula.

These buildings form part of the Templo y Casa de La Compañía, built between 1747 and 1765. The gallery is situated to the left of the main altar, where the sacristy was once located.

It should be mentioned that, thanks to its lofty ceilings, the church has excellent acoustics and is a venue for concerts during the Cervantino International Festival, while the gallery plays host to a variety of different events in the city’s rich cultural calendar. No doubt about it: this is one of the city’s most emblematic spaces, so much so that UNESCO has declared the building a World Heritage Site.