Plaza Casimiro Chowel

This square sits below the main entrance to the Alhóndiga de Granaditas. It is named after a mining engineer who was acting as administrator of the Valenciana mine at the outbreak of the War of Mexican Independence.

Chowell met Father Miguel Hidalgo in the heat of the battle for the Alhóndiga and was subsequently named Colonel of the rebels and given command of a regiment of miners. When the royalists retook the city, the novice insurgent leader was executed by General Calleja on November 28, 1810 right here in this square.

Standing in the center of the square is the first statue of Hidalgo that we know of. The figure shows the Father of the Country as a mature man, slim, elegant and dressed in a frock coat.

You can see several other heroes of Mexican independence in the Wax Museum at the far end of the square.