Plaza de la Paz

La Plaza de la Paz is a must for all visitors to Guanajuato. In centuries gone by, it was known as La Plaza Mayor, and in even in the oldest documents we have about Guanajuato, it is already mentioned as a city landmark.

The majority of the houses around the square built during Spanish rule have been conserved, such as the residences of the Count of Valencia, the Marquis of San Clemente and those of Counts Casa Rul and Pérez Gálvez, as well as those of other notable families such as the Alamáns and the Chicos. Across from the Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato are the Casas Reales, now home to the city government.

The Plaza is the Guanajuato’s main square, and is just as irregular as the city itself, as it and the surrounding buildings actually form more of a triangle. At its center is a small garden crowned by a monument to Peace, the work of Mexican sculptor Jesús Contreras. President Porfirio Díaz unveiled the statue in 1903, christening the square the Plaza de la Paz.