Plaza de los Ángeles

This simple arrangement of steps leading up to a sandstone, cup-shaped fountain, sits halfway along Avenida Juárez. It is one of the features of the classic walk through downtown Guanajuato whether you’re part of the crowd following the Estudiantina strolling musical group, or taking a walk after one of the spontaneous events or street concerts that take place in the summer and during the Cervantino festival. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the square was at the hub of an active commercial district.

Ringed by alleyways and many examples of neoclassical architecture, the Plaza de los Ángeles stands at the entrance to the most romantic spot in Guanajuato: The Callejón del Beso, that is, “The Alley of the Kiss”. In the alley there are two balconies, on opposite sides but so close – less than a meter apart – that they made possible the fabled – and only – kiss between two frustrated lovers that gave rise to Guanajuato’s most famous legend.