Plaza de Toros

The Guanajuato bullring is a colossus that was built between 1983 and 1985 in the barrio known as Pueblito de Rocha.

Strangely, up to that point, Guanajuato had not had a building of this type since the site of city’s original bullring, built in the eighteenth century, was taken over by the Hidalgo market. The new bullring had capacity for two thousand spectators.

It hosted many a bullfight and the building would often fill to overflowing with people from all over the State, particularly as it also played host to other mass events such as rock concerts.

People initially used to line up around the block, but interest quickly began to wane. The building began to show signs of deterioration and it was decided to close it down. It stayed that way for over two decades.

Recently, however, for the forty-second edition of the Cervantes International Arts Festival, with Nuevo León as the guest state, the outer wall of the bullring was given over to an arts project. After some 20 years of neglect, the building was adorned with murals by ten artists from Guanajuato and eleven more from Nuevo León, drastically changing the perspective on this part of the city through the medium of urban art.