Plaza Elisa López López

Walking from the Plaza del Ropero towards the Teatro Principal on Calle Cantarranas, we come to a charming little corner sitting under the canopy of a large, leafy tree. An inviting spot to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the evening unfold.

This is the Plaza Elisa López López, named for a celebrated teacher and dedicated principal of the Guanajuato teacher training college, the Escuela Normal de Guanajuato.

Previously, this little square was known as the Plaza Nava, as it was built on the bridge of the same name, which we can still see on a pair of plaques adorning the façade opposite the square. This bridge was rebuilt as vaulted stone structure in the year 1774.

From the corner of the square, we can walk up to Plaza Mexicamora, walking past the Callejón del Infierno, which gives us a chance to peek down into the Calle Subterránea, which runs right under our feet.