Plazuela de Valenciana

This square in Valenciana has witnessed the passage of history through its spaces since the church and monastery here were dedicated with a social and religious fiesta lasting three days in the August of 1788.

The west side of the square is the site of a large building that once housed the administrative offices of the Valenciana mine works. Opposite the church is another building that was once home to the Center for Research in Mathematics, or CIMAT, which has since moved to another site nearby.

This is also the site of a small monument dedicated to Father Celedonio Jarauta, who was executed by firing squad in this very square in 1848 alongside Manuel Doblado for their part in the fight against the US invasion of Mexico.

In 1960, the site was renovated, the gardens were given new plants and its paths were tiled. This renovation was the work of the Department of National Patrimony.

From the square, our eye is drawn to the monumental staircase that runs up to the Valenciana church and beyond to the road leading to Dolores Hidalgo. A short walk up the hill we come to the facilities of the University of Guanajuato School of Philosophy and Literature.