Plazuela y Mercado de Gavira

During the Viceregal period, this space together with the one now occupied by the Mercado Hidalgo, formed part of the Hacienda de Gavira, situated in the barrio of Nuestra Señora de Belén. During the eighteen century, it was known as the Plaza de Gallos – or roosters – and later came to be named la Plaza de Toros, or bulls.

This layout was changed dramatically in the twentieth century with the construction of the Mercado Hidalgo and the Calle Subterránea, which can be accessed via a ramp that descends right past the steps leading up to this square from the street. As a result of the work on the Calle Subterránea, the gardens and fountain of the Plaza de Gavira underwent some modification.

So it was that the space leading from one market to the other became a focus for street traders, who offer everything from fresh fruit to honey, candy, flowers, gorditas, enchiladas, goat stew, toys and any number of nick-nacks.

Under the roofed section of Gavira are a number of eating places selling classic Mexican and Guanajuato dishes such as enchiladas mineras, pozole, tacos, flautas and birria.The Plaza de Gavira is a great place to sample traditional Guanajuato cuisine made to suit all tastes and budgets.