Presa de la Esperanza

On the other side of Valenciana, continuing along the road towards Dolores Hidalgo, we come to this large reservoir built to serve the state capital. To build it, hundreds of convicts were set to work, starting in 1884, and, for their efforts, the president, General Porfirio Díaz gave them their freedom. During the sixteenth century this had been the site of the Real de la Esperanza mine.

The reservoir project was the brainchild of engineer Ponciano Aguilar, who was behind a number of large-scale projects for the city toward the end of the nineteenth century. Today, with its capacity of 920 thousand cubic meters, it continues to be one of the city’s most important sources of water.

In addition, the two-hectare site the reservoir occupies forms part of a large protected natural area that is home to some seven different species of vegetation and animals such as white-tailed deer, bobcats, skunks and bats, as well as 170 species of birds.