Puente de San Pedro

The San Pedro bridge today stands at the foot of the ramp between the church of San Diego and the hotel of the same name. The bridge, more fully known as the San Pedro de Alcántara, is one of several built to span the Guanajuato river and connect the city’s streets.

The bridge was built in the mid-eighteenth century to connect the main square with the monastery of San Diego, also known as the San Pedro de Alcántara.

To give you an idea of just how many levels have been built one on top of the other here in what is today the historic center of the city, consider that this bridge once stood in the open and that people would cross it on what is now the underground calle Subterránea.

We can now see the history of Guanajuato’s construction at the Dieguino church and museum, which once formed part of the monastery, or simply by walking down to the Subterránea to see the great arches and vaults of the bridge, on which now rests the city that still, after all these centuries, conserves all the splendor of Guanajuato´s silver bonanza.