Puente de Tepetapa.

A Guanajuato landmark, the Tepetapa bridge has been the subject of artists and raconteurs for more than one hundred and eighty years now.

It comes into view as we enter the Historic Center heading towards the Calle Miguel Hidalgo, or la subterránea. The bridge was constructed to join the Tepetapa barrio and Guanajuato – the final section of the road connecting the city and the district of Marfil.

As we cross over this bridge, heading along the Avenida Juárez, we discover one of the finest views in the city: a panorama of the multicolored structures lining the hillsides that ring Guanajuato.

Central to this structure is its distinctive Guanajuato sandstone. It has a diameter of nineteen meters and is one of the first of its type to have been built in Mexico.

The original bridge was demolished at the suggestion of its builder, Juan de Dios Pérez, who then had it rebuilt according to the design we see today, which was finally finished on December 26, 1835. A true witness to the passing of time and history in the city of Guanajuato.