Puente del Hinojo

The Hinojo bridge rises up from the depths of Calle Subterránea, joining the Plaza del Ropero and the Plaza Hinojo. It is another of the bridges built over the Guanajuato river in the year 1853.

The bridge collapsed, taking many houses from the surrounding Hinojo barrio along with it, during the devastating floods of July first, 1905. Historians describe the tragedy of el Hinojo as “the blackest page in the history of the floods”, and it was in this area that the highest number of bodies was recovered.

It was only in 1964 that the bridge and houses were finally reconstructed, creating one of most striking sights in Guanajuato’s Historic Center, with its array of colorful houses and the stone stairways descending into the Calle Subterránea, from where we can view the bridge and see how, over the centuries, so many levels of the city have been reconstructed one on top of the other