Salida a Dolores Hidalgo

Every day, hundreds of automobiles head off up this highway leading up from Valenciana into the Sierra Santa Rosa. However, the road itself is actually over a hundred years old now.

It was officially opened on September 16, 1887. Ponciano Aguilar, the engineer responsible for the city’s most important works during this period, put forward a project to extend this road as far as the historic town of Dolores Hidalgo, the “cradle of Mexican independence”. The new road dramatically shortened the journey between the two towns, which formerly took over three hours.

The Sierra de Santa Rosa is one of the State’s most important “lungs”. Its location in a highly humid zone makes it an important source of water for the Lerma-Chapala river basin and it is also on the route for migratory birds flying in from Canada and Central America, making it the ideal spot for some ecotourism or alternative tourism. The sierra is a protected natural area that it is essential to care for and preserve.

Due to the zone’s irregular topography, the temperature can drop quite low during winter and it may even snow, creating a beautiful landscape.