Templo de San Francisco

The street known as Sopeña leads up to the magnificent church of San Francisco and the square of the same name.

The height of the mining boom in the eighteenth century saw the construction of many of the civil and religious buildings that came to epitomize proud city of Guanajuato. One such was the church of San Francisco. Originally dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, this structure was begun in 1741 and its sandstone doorway with its elaborate plant motifs is a perfect example of the baroque style then in vogue.

In 1828, the Franciscan order – which already ran the hospice next door – took charge of the church, and has done to the present day. In the mid-nineteenth century, the main altar and the side altars were modified to make them conform to the neoclassical style that reigned during that period. The final detail to be added to its façade was the clock set in a frame of green sandstone.